Virat Kohli Making Fun Of Shoaib Malik

This happened in the final match ceremony Virat Kohli making fun of Shoaib Mallik on his dropped catch long back.

Virat Kohli Profile:

A typical modern-day cricketer, Virat Kohli plays his game aggressively, bares his emotions loudly in public, yet retains the element of maturity that forms an integral part of every good and great player. Anil Kumble said he had thought hard before calling Kohli the best under-22 player in international cricket – that would rate as perhaps the best compliments he has received. It is also proof of Kohli’s transformation as a player.

Shoaib Malik Profile:

There is almost no role in a cricket side that Shoaib Malik hasn’t filled, so much so that over ten years into his career, nobody is sure what his precise and best role is.

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