20 Tragic Photos Taken Seconds Before Disaster Struck

These photos will shake you to the core. what if you captured the last photo before the tragedy, will you want the world to see it? some of the photos will make you sad while some will fill you with love. Photos when taken, will forever be memories, and becomes history. These taken before the tragedy will leave you speechless. No.15 Is Mouth Dropping Are You ready for the Deadly Selfie? Click “Next ” to continue reading and remember to SHARE with your friends on Facebook

A Terrible Mistake

In India, a man wanted to see a white tiger in a better view so he went closer to climb a tree. He was repeatedly warned but the man’s curiosity didn’t make him listen. unfortunate, he fell into the cage Instantly the white tiger prowled up to the man and kept him cornered for almost 15 minutes as other visitors and zookeepers tried to distract the animal. Unfortunately, it eventually decided to pounce and dragged the man, by the neck, back to its den before killing him. More on Next page

Reynaldo Dagsa Last moment

Look: Reynaldo Dagsa is a Filipino politician.. He was taking pictures with his family when a gang member was captured alongside in the picture. …unfortunately, the photo of the gang member was the person who ended Reynaldo Dagsa life. Dagsa passed away at the scene, but his three relatives were not harmed.

Choose Your pet carefully

lol we all know goats is a stubborn animal and are more into farming and agriculture. Funny enough this young girl decided to bring a bouncing goat in as a pet (who does that?) to her she feels there won’t be harm, but the picture speaks otherwise. ..here is a probably a reason why most people stick with cats and dogs. Don’t get it wrong we ain’t saying goat cant be kept as pets but they are much better off when left outside rather than bring them into the house

France Flight 4590 Crash

France Flight 4590 an international flight carrying about 100 passengers from Paris to New York City on 25 July 2000. According to Wikipedia, A German company, Peter Deilmann Cruises chartered the flight for its passengers who were on their way to board the cruise ship MS Deutschland in New York City for a 16-day cruise to Manta, Ecuador. The crew reduced the power on engines three and four in an attempt to level the aircraft, but with falling airspeed, they lost control and the aircraft stalled, crashing into the Hôtelissimo Les Relais Bleus Hotel near the airport. About 109 people lost their lives including the pilot. Four employees of the Hotelissimo hotel were also killed in the incident. the above photo was taken moment ago before the last tragedy.

James Dean

James dean is an american actor who was born on February 8, 1931 How did James dean died? The Hollywood actor lost his life when he decided to venture into racing. James final race occurred on May 30, 1955 in Santa Barbara. Sadly, the star was not able to complete his race and that was the end of his life and career. He passed away on 30th, September 1955 in California; the above photo was the last picture of James taken in Santa Barbara, before tragedy.

Patrick Swayze Last Moment

Patrick Swayze is an american actor, singer and song writer. The star has be starred in different top movies such as The Outsiders (1983), the war film Red Dawn (1984), the Vietnam rescue film Uncommon Valor (1984) and many others (source Wikipedia) How did Patrick Swayze died? Look: Swayze died of Pancreatic cancer (it occurs when cells in the pancreas, a glandular organ behind the stomach, begin to multiply out of control and form a mass. it has an ability to reach different part of the body) on September 14, 2009 Los Angeles, California. The photo was taken by a photographer; seconds before the actor died.

First Female Prime Minister Death

Margaret Thatcher was a British stateswoman who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990. She is also known as The “Iron Lady”. Look: According to reports, Thatcher died of cerebrovascular accident and “repeated transient ischemic attack” other report of the cause of her death was a carcinoma of the bladder and dementia. on April 2013, at the age of 87 in Westminster, London, England, she suffered from stroke and died. The above picture was taken moments before she died.

Johny Cash Last Performance

Johny Cash is an American Actor and lyricist, He was conceived 26 February 1932. the above photograph was taken minute before he kicked the bucket; He was performing on a Tour, when he passed on twelfth September 2003.

Last Photo Of Martin Luther King Before He Died

Freedom fighter Martin Luther King was assassinated James Earl Ray in his hotel balcony moment after the picture was taken on 4 April 1968.

Final Moment Of Andrey Retrovsky

The picture Above was his last moment. He died taking photos from a tall building; fortunately, he never knew that would be his last moment.

Last Photo Of Gary Slok and His Mother Before Death

Gray and his took the above photo before the Malaysian Airline MH17 took off; Sadly, they never got to their destination. The plane got missing later on it was found in Ukraine and everyone in the plan was already dead. Reports claim that Gray and his mother were gunned.

Gabriela Hernandez last Photo before Suicide

It is often said no matter the situation you are going through; suicide is not an option. Remember people have more worst situation than you and yet they are happy. Look: Gabriela shares the above picture on social media before she committed suicide.

Steven Green

Us Soldier Steven Green Was Arrested and convicted of murdering an Iraqi family. the above photo was taken seconds before he was stabbed to death by Wallace.

Dale Earnhardt Last Moment

Dale Earnhardt died in a car crash in 2001 Daytona 500. Unfortunately, he lost his life after he sustained a terrible injury. The above photo was taken seconds before he died.

Gilles Leclerc and Marianne Labanane

Gilles Leclerc and Marianne Labanane where both having fun at Bataclan Concert Hall when four unknown gunmen hit bataclan killing 98 people only Marianne Labanane survive. The above photo was taken before the raid of the gun men.

An Unlucky Day Oct 13, 2017

In Western superstition, Friday 13th, 2017 is considered a Sad day.This happens once every year but can occur up to three times the same year. it is the most cursed day in the calendar.

Jump, Fall, Gone

The photo itself is terrifying to the point that we can’t envision how awful this probably been for this person, the stature looks truly high so there is no possibility he more likely than not survived, and in the event that he did then should be in a horrendous condition. This youthful kindred seems as though one of those young men who attempt to do energizing stuff, similar to hop over a working for a selfie, hop with cruisers or what this person is doing. He is flipping while at the same time remaining on the edge of a tall building; he clearly should be sure as he has requested that somebody record his trick. Yet, it would appear that the flip turned out poorly arranged and as opposed to arriving back on the divider he is going to fall on the ground.

Run or Die

In the event that a bull which resembles that hits a man who resembles that then we question there is any shot of survival. We as of now feel sorry for the youthful individual for seeming as though somebody who hasn’t had nourishment in years, and what more likely than not happened when the bull got him. We are not very beyond any doubt if the photo was being taken before this person had a bull pursuing him or some individual has taken it while this occurrence was going on. In any case, a frightful method to pass on.

Run for Your Life

This attractive man with a flawless body appears as though he is simply spending an easygoing day at the lake in his speedboat. And keeping in mind that he is grinding away he presumably advised somebody to take a photo of his, or possibly some outsider needed to click a picture of this attractive hunk. Furthermore, in the middle of this photography session, a croc assaulted the vessel. He hopped ideal on the engine, and if the motor got harmed then we question this good looking could have possessed the capacity to flee. There are now less gorgeous young men on the planet, and we figure we are shy of one all the more at this point.

Bad Grandpa

This granddad simply needs to have some good times with his grandkids yet looks like fun time transformed into an accident.While grandpa is perched on the swing getting a photo of himself, that child in the back is falling on the ground on account of getting hit by grandpa’s swing. We can comprehend that the man didn’t know about a child being on the back yet the individual taking the photo must have obviously observed the little child, or possibly every last bit of it happened so quick nobody had the shot of sparing the child from getting hurt so terrible.

Plane on Fire

The quality of the picture tells that it has been clicked from a cell phone, we believe some random person must have seen a plane flying and right when they were taking a picture it caught fire and that came on the camera. We are unaware which aircraft is this or when this happened, but we believe there must have been a tragic incident later when the plane must have crashed.

Gas Face

People paint their faces, get surgeries or use photoshop to either look funny or beautiful, but this old man is taking things to another level. He has a gas cylinder in his hands and is probably trying to look funny. He is putting a pressure full of gas on his face to look like that, and it seems like people around him are laughing about it. They all are probably too dumb to know that gas is highly flammable and can kill someone instantly if someone would have lit a lighter here they all would have been dead right now.

If I don't care had a Face

We have seen a lot of photobombs, but this one is on just another level. This pretty woman standing in front must be having a casual day at the beach, and because the weather looks right, she told her friend to take a picture. In between clicking a perfect photo, a whale came out of the water and almost attacked a woman. We can also see some children running away from the whale. These two must have panicked pretty bad as well once they realized there is chaos behind, but they sure got one heck of a picture.

Bear Got Himself a Meaty Meal

We do not even want to think what must have happened to this lady because once a bear that big grabs you by his jaws, it’s pretty hard to get away. The craze for taking pictures have reached a lot of people dead, and this woman is probably a part of the dead group too now. We are sure the bear just did not appear out of the blue because you can’t unsee a thing as big as this animal, we guess that this woman saw the bear and told her friend to take her picture with it. What she did not know was that how unpredictable and dangerous these animals can’t be, and while she was getting her photo the bear attacked directly on her neck.

#4- James Dean

James dean is an american actor who was born on February 8, 1931 How did James dean died? The Hollywood actor lost his life when he decided to venture into racing. James final race occurred on May 30, 1955 in Santa Barbara. Sadly, the star was not able to complete his race and that was the end of his life and career. He passed away on 30th, September 1955 in California; the above photo was the last picture of James taken in Santa Barbara, before tragedy.

#3- Last Selfie of a Pilot

It is impossible and deadly to open the window in the cockpit while flying over high altitudes, nonetheless, low altitude flights have this window opening perk for fresh air. But a pilot took it to another level and instead of fresh air, he decided to hang out the window like a dog and take a selfie. During this foolish experiment, he lost control of his Cessna 150 and crashed it. A GoPro was found near the wreckage revealing what was he upto.

#2-  Selfie During A Lightning Storm

An English hiker and adventurer got extremely unlucky while trekking through Brecon beacons National Park. He and his smartphone got pulverized while taking a selfie in a thunderstorm. The incident took place in July 2015. His metallic selfie stick had attracted electricity discharged severely burning him to death.

#1- Watchout Where You Jump!

The walls of Machu Picchu had not seen death since the old times of conquistadors until a German tourist decided to give them a sight. 51 years old Oliver Park attempted to take a daring jumping selfie while ignoring all the safety instructions. He jumped but as he landed, his feet slipped on the rocks throwing him down the steep slope. He failed to consider the inertia he would gain once in the air but it was too late for him. The tourists nearby could not help him ut just could watch the man plunging to his death.